We were walking through a department store. It was a few days before Christmas and I was feeling rather tired and stressed. I did all of my Christmas shopping the week before, or at least I thought. That morning I found out that we were having another guest for Christmas dinner. I wasn't ready for it and I needed to find him a gift.

My daughter, 10 years old at the time, asked if we could go to toys. I wasn't enthusiastic but complied. When we got to toys, she went to dolls. I hadn't seen her touch a doll in a while but she picked one up and asked, "Can we get this?" "No, but maybe Santa will get it for you," I said. "I want it now!" she said. I continued to say no as she continued to beg for it. I know itís not good parenting, but being so tired, I gave in. "Fine! Put it in the cart." She thanked me and I felt like a bad mother being such a pushover.

She then told me she need wrapping paper too. I was suddenly confused. "Why do you need wrapping paper right now?" I asked. She then held up a little folded tag. I picked up the tag and started to read it.

"I want to put it under the tree," she responded. The tag said "baby doll-Cathryn" My daughter had picked a tag off the charity gift tree at the front of the store without my knowledge. She was getting the doll for someone she'd never even met before. I leaned down and hugged my daughter. The one that should be teaching me how to be a more giving person at times. I was all too caught up in my being tired and didnít even notice. We wrapped the present together, placed it under the tree together and this memory is a gift we both cherish!
For this showcase, we have chosen to feature, Fairy Girl With Wings. Many framing and matting options are available. For this look, select Gold Michelangelo framing with Faux Silk Cream matting. This Art Gifting selection is made available by our friends at Art.com!
The Baby Alive collection is really wonderful with so many choices. Let your child experience a Baby Alive of her very one. This is the Baby Alive Lil' Sips Baby Has a Tea Party Doll (Brunette) by Baby Alive. This delightful selection is made available by our freinds at Amazon!
This Minnie Inspires Couture doll does it in a VERY cool way. She's a 10" fully-articulated Cissette, with brown eyes and a fabulously big, brunette ponytail and bangs, which are worn beneath her removable Minnie Mouse ears! This fabulous selection is made available by our friends at Toys R Us!
Play house like never before when you buy the KidKraft So Chic Dollhouse with Furniture. It is an imaginative three-level, ten-room interactive toy with a four-sided open design and staircase. It comes with fifty colorful pieces of matching furniture This amazing selection is made available by our friends at Walmart!
The ideal first doll for little mommies. Measuring 12 Inches, she's the perfect size to rock or cuddle in your child's arms. The small doll Mon Premier Bebe Calin to Dress Vanilla is darling and she can be posed just like a real baby! This sweet selection is made available by our friend at YoYo!
With this pack, girls can play out endless possibilities with four fabulous and fashionable friends! Ready for anything, these dolls are dressed in clothing you'll love so much, you'll wish it hung in your closet. And don't forget the accessories! This fashionable selection is made available by our friends at Mattel!
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