Complete Hanukkah Menorah Set with Menorah, Candles, Dreidels, Candle Magic Stick, and Hanukkah Handbook. A great set to help young ones learn about Hanukkah. This great selection is made available via our friends at Amazon!
 This dazzling Star of David is a shining symbol of faith to be adorned for Hanukkah! Gleaming diamonds line this stunning star! The recipient of this gift will enjoy its beauty and power for certain. This spectacular selection is made available by our freinds at Bloomingdale's!
The Cheers Liquor Seder Plate and Set
by Ben and Jonah makes a great gift for friend and loved ones. It's sure to be a hit with 6 beautiful glasses with tray. This fine selection is made available by our friends at Wayfair!
Sending flowers and gift baskets is always a well received and appreciated gesture! This Beautiful in Blue bouquet makes a lovely choice in Hanukkah flower gifting! This stunning selection is made available by our friends at Teleflora!
Add a lighthearted twist to the home glassware collection with this playful set of Jewish Words Stemless Wine Glasses. Each 21-ounce glass in features well-known Jewish vocabulary paired with its pronunciation. This terrific selection is made available by our friends at Overstock!
On the first night of Hanukkah we gave our son a car visor CD holder. He had landed his first job a few months before and was saving for his first car. On the second night, he got a box of tools and wrenches for him to work on his car. The third night we got him an assortment of car air fresheners and a car vacuum to keep his car clean. Every night we gave him new things for his car. On the last night, we were going to give him an actual car but presumed he expected only things for the car he was planning to buy. But it started to appear he was on to us and our gifts weren't as subtle as we thought. We could tell he thought a car was going to be coming on the last night. Naturally, we wanted to throw him for a loop.

On the last night, we told him, your gift is in the garage. He put a big smile on his face. He knew he was getting a car. He ran into the garage. He looked around the garage surprised since it didn't have a new car in it, just an empty space. We told him that we had decided to start parking our old truck in the driveway to free up space for the car he would someday purchase. My wife and I acted all excited about giving him the garage space. We pretended like it was the greatest gift ever. Eventually, when he finally started to look as if he was believing that was his gift, I pressed the garage door opener. When he saw his new car in the driveway he was blown away and couldnít wait to park it in the empty garage space.

He is now the parent of a teenager himself. Just the other night, we were talking about when he was a teen and started driving. He recalled the Hanukkah when he received his first car and said that every single time he has opened a garage door throughout his life since, he remembers that moment. Often, itís the memory that turns out to be the bigger gift!
For this showcase, we have chosen to feature, Dreidels by John Wilkes. For this look, select Color Confetti Ocean framing with Fountain Blue and Bottle Blue matting. This Art Gifting selection made available by our friends at!
The Delightful Hum of a Garage Door
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