A delicious hostess gift idea or dessert treat for your own family dinner! Included are an outstanding assortment of cookies, brownies, delightful turkey cut-out cookies, and more with limited time fall flavors. This sweet selection is made available by our friends at Cheryl's!
We've included everything you need for a marvelous feast, from a Diestel all-natural turkey to delectable side dishes such as perfectly seasoned apple sausage stuffing and a pumpkin soufflé. Treat yourself to the gift of a stress-free feast. This wonderful selection is made available by our friends at Harry & David!
Help friends and family members celebrate in a bountiful way with gourmet fruit complimented by gourmet confections, with a cool, tingling apple cider. What a tasteful way to say Happy Thanksgiving. This beautiful selection made available by our friends at The Fruit Company!
This Happy Thanksgiving Holiday gift basket is the perfect way to spread Turkey Day Love. Filled with a brown wooden tray, a beautiful and colorful Turkey center piece, and array of delicious gourmet comfort foods. This stunning selection is made available by our friends at Gift Basket!
The perfect Thanksgiving table decoration, this beautiful cornucopia is rendered as a horn shaped wicker basket filled with fall flowers and harvest wheat. It's also, ideal for the kitchen counter, coffee table or entryway. This gorgeous selection is made available by our friends at Teleflora!
Don't forget about the gift that's truly important on Thanksgiving. Our family got a reminder of this in an unusual way. It started when I found out my teenage son took a Thanksgiving day shift at the restaurant where he worked. I expressed disappointment and told him that I wanted him to spend the day with the family. He wanted to use the day to earn more money including holiday pay to purchase a car. I admired his dedication to this goal and we decided that we would plan on spending time together that evening after his shift.

A couple days later, I received a call from my daughter at college. She told me that she was going to be spending Thanksgiving with her boyfriend and his family. Again, I was upset but simply encouraged them to come later in the evening as well.

Over the next few days we heard about a snow storm that was building into an expected blizzard. I called my daughter and told her I didn't think she should go out on Thanksgiving given the impending storm. She said she wouldn't go anywhere if it was very bad.

That morning, snow had arrived and my son's work was closed. I was an excited mom! Then the power went out which was not exciting but we ended up spending the morning playing board games in front of the crackling fire and had a great time together.

Just as I thought nothing could make this Thanksgiving better, I heard a car pull into the snowy driveway. It was my daughter and her boyfriend. As they started the drive to his family's home, the storm had gotten too bad for driving and they aborted that effort coming home here instead.

We spent the entire day together. They might as well have been wrapped in a big red bow!! Trust me kids, there is no greater gift you can give your mom than time with you!
They Might as Well Have Been Wrapped
A Bella Atto Gift Story
For this showcase, we have chosen to feature, Harvest II by Stephanie Marrot. Many framing and matting options are available. For this look, select Brown Tatiana Espresso Framing. This Art Gifting selection is made available by our friends at Art.com!
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