My daughter and I were shopping one day a couple of weeks before Christmas. I was excited because it had been two weeks since I'd seen her. She was eight years old. My wife and I had split up a few years after having her. I'd done my best to stay an involved parent throughout the whole time. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't. In fact, she's the reason I'm remarried to her mother today.

That October I had began dating her mother again. The two of us were getting close that Christmas but we both tried not to get our daughter's hopes up.

While I was out shopping with my daughter that day, I was trying to get a few ideas on what to get her for Christmas. We went to the toy department and she looked around but didn't seem all that interested in picking out anything. I was worried that I wasn't going to get any new ideas. I squatted next to her and asked, "What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas sweetie?" After a short discussion where she insisted that Santa wasn't real, she finally said, "I want a ring." I laughed a little and thought it was an odd request but I didn't know any better.

That Christmas she opened one of the gifts I gave her to find the ring. She put a big smile on her face. She looked the ring over and then walked up to my her mother. She lifted the ring up towards her mother. Her mother smiled and nodded. She commented about it being a very beautiful gift. Our daughter insisted, "No. It's yours mommy." "What?" her mother asked. "You said you wanted a ring from daddy for Christmas."

Our daughter had overhead her mother talking about it on the phone with a friend and knew exactly how to get it for her. The ring may not have quite fit her finger but by the end of the night we had found the perfect ring online and I purchased it!

I also thanked heaven that I had such an amazing daughter!
For this showcase, we have chosen to feature, Happiness Engagement Ring by Lisa Weedn. Many framing and matting options are available. For this look, select Messina Silver framing with Soft White and Linen Silver Grey matting. This Art Gifting selection is made available by our friends at!
This unique bridal set is crafted in sterling silver. The engagement ring features a sparkling 6.0mm lab created white sapphire center stone wrapped in a frame of smaller sapphires. This pretty selection is makde available by our friends at Zales!
This luxurious bridal set is handcrafted in high polished sterling silver and displays a beautiful princess cut cubic zirconia center amongst sparkling gemstones in various sizes and shapes. This stunning selection is made available via our friends at Overstock!
Delicately placed around the gorgeous fiery round cut center diamond and along the band are fiery little diamonds that are held into place by tiny prongs giving the overall look of full sparkle and fire! This spectacular selection is made available by our friends at Super Jewelers!
Allow your love to flow forever with this new Brilliant Cut Cubic Zirconia Promise Ring. The intricate infinity design shows that your love is infinite and makes a special gift for any time of year! What a beauty at an amazing price. Made available by Eves Addiction!
This excellent quality cubic zirconia wedding bands set is made of 925 sterling silver and can be engraved with Names, Date and Heart Symbolt! We find that Gullei had one of the best collections of affordable wedding band jewelry around!
The Christmas Ring
A Bella Atto Gift Story
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