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The glimmer of twinkling lights on a Christmas tree reflecting in the eyes of a child. A faint gasp as words escape the mouth of a loved one while they untie the bow and glimpse what hides beneath. Thrilling glances between the inside of a box and your own smiling face. The feeling of excitement and gratification in self gifting a special item you've been planning to enjoy. It's moments like these that drive the passion behind Bella Atto, founded on the ideals that the true joys of gifting reach far deeper than the objects themselves and that gifting is in fact, a celebration of life!

The absence of Christmas & Birthday gifts as a child, the passing of a dear friend that turned a gift of art into a heartfelt treasure, and other wonderful situations along with some unique challenges in my life, have all melded together such that I've come to find passion and jubilation in spreading the goodwill and love of gifting. On the back of this notion, Bella Atto (Italian for Beautiful Place) has taken shape and grown to provide a relaxing reprieve and a place for gift inspiration. My name is LaVae Mathis and I am the creator of Bella Atto.

Bella Atto is designed to evoke the emotions associated with strolling an Italian side street, gazing into the windows at the trinkets, baubles, and treasures glinting and beckoning behind the glass competing for your attention. Offering a unique strolling concept, Bella Atto, is a virtual landscape for peering through your computer screen as if seeing through a lovely shop window.

Imagine the comforting feel amidst the hum of the gas lamps overhead that bathe the cobblestone street as a sweet piano melody wafts down from a nearby outdoor cafe. As you take up an inviting space on the charming park bench to begin reading your book of heart warming stories, you fall upon the perfect gift idea to express to that special someone a beautiful gesture that will warm their heart immensely. This is the experience we hope to emulate.

As you stroll down the Italian flavored vista of Bella Atto, each new location is met by, not unlike a fine wine pairing, an art gifting suggestion that compliments the theme of the showcase, along with delightful stories and five gift ideas tiered by budget level. We enjoy providing a charming, and perhaps somewhat whimsical, web experience like no other for gift giving, self gifting & more.

At Bella Atto, we cherish life's most amazing gifts, the people we share life with, and we aspire to inspire yours! Much love to you and thank you for visiting. May life bring to you everything you desire and so much more!
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"Giving is an essential element to a life well lived. We desire to inspire living well."
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Bella Atto was created by Lavae Mathis. See LaVae's projects here!
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A Beautiful Place for Gift Ideas, Art Gifting, & More!

Bella Atto by LaVae
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